part three

The Internet is good for porn, right? Unfortunately, sometimes it's tough to find the quality smut. We're here to help with the 3rd installment of Prehensile Porn Online.

A big THANKS to everyone who sent in suggestions of weird adult-themed sites.

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With captions like these and tons of images, who could resist Scary Squirrel World how much wood would a woodchuck fuck
When you already have plenty of hair gel, there's www.spankie.com
We all do it. We all hide it. Now every man can do it alone, and do it right, with the Spankie™. The world's first washable sleeve designed exclusively to catch and absorb semen. No fuss, no mess, no more embarrassment.

Sure, we all wanted to bone Jessica Rabbit, but the guy who made Cartoon Girls I Wanna Nail has impure thoughts about the girl mouse in The Rescuers.

From his section on Josie and the Pussycats:
Look at Josie's red hair. You know that shit is real. She's probably got the nicest snatch patch of red confined in her panties. And look at those pert tits she has. Fuckin' A hooligans, I could go to town all night suckin' on those beauties. Man, you know that would be an amazing fuck. She'd probably drop on the first date too. If she wouldn't, the ditzy blond would.
Speaking of The Rescuers... that film has the only verified hidden Disney Porn.

The two "topless woman" frames have reputedly been present in the film ever since its original 1977 theatrical release (a fact apparently confirmed by Disney, whose spokesperson said that the tampering "was done more than 20 years ago"), although Disney claims that they were not included in the 1992 home video version because "it was made from a different print."
Are you a Double Dipper when it comes to defacation?
Participate in the Bathroom Habits Study and contribution to science.

Don't miss the comments section for participants' fecal feedback.
Hot Amish Porn
"Be not clickin' here, English, lest thou be over 18 years of age!"
Expert advice on how women can learn to pee standing up with reader submitted testimonials like:
My secret to peeing without exposing myself is to press the edges of the fly down and around the labia so that in effect the labia protrudes through the fly. Then I'll spread the lips slightly and use my finger to pinch and pull up on the pants opening in order to direct the stream out front. The only problem is that I'll drip a few drops on my jeans when finishing. But it sure beats going the traditional way.
Can't get enough of Piglet's supple pink flesh? Try The Kama Sutra of Pooh Pooh THIS
Furniture Porn, featured in Prehensile Porn links 2, has been greatly expanded and deserves another look.
And a bonus free sex site since you read through all the above crap: www.telephonesex.net
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