Letter to Santa 2001

(History of the Styn Santa letters in Probing Santa & Self Esteem Santa)

Merry X-mas, Santa!

Just wanted to give you a heads up: The PETA people (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have been putting a lot of pressure on Man-Beast relationships.

Now, *we* know that the Reindeer are all on your team by choice. We know that the harnesses, whips and other bondage gear is all consensual. But the folks at PETA are a bit aggressive in their attacks of any potential abuse.

The British tabloids been saying that a few of the reindeer (Prancer in particular) are being held against their will. Now, you and I both know that this is ridiculous. Any reindeer (or midget, elf or dwarf, for that matter!) would kill to be a part of Santa’s team.

We know it’s silly, but for everyone’s sake, keep it on the down low for a while. Try to get some publicity shots of Rudolph’s red nose and a big happy smile.

If you *do* run in to any trouble, make sure you consult this legal book first. (It’s the only one we could find.)

In any case, Thanks for stopping by! We’re huge fans of your work.

Halcyon & Kaya

P.S. We left another book that might appeal to your particular “interests.”


*We then left an old Kentucky law book my dad authored and a book by the Marquis De Sade.



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