Letter to Santa 2000

(History of the Styn Santa letters in Probing Santa )

Merry Christmas, Santa!

We realize that sometimes it's easier to put on blinders and go through life. But sometimes it's important to look within yourself and ask, "WHY?"

  • Why do I feel it is important to have the fastest sleigh on the block?
  • Why do I feel the need to wear flashy red clothes all the time?
  • Why do I surround myself with "little people"?

What are you overcompensating for? Are there problems with Mrs. Claus? Or perhaps an inferiority issue (seeing as how your big day is kinda over-shadowed by that Jesus guy)?

Here are some books that might help you confront the inner you.

And remember, no matter what, we love you.

-Jim and John

then we set out a stack of self-help books like:


SANTA'S REPLY (found in the morning):

Dear J & J

Thank you so much. I see now that I was afraid to reveal my feminine side. I've tried so hard to stay at the top, but I haven't allowed my sensitive nature to emerge.

I see now that all that "naughty and nice" list-making was an attempt to feel superior and an excuse to be judgmental. In the off season, I'm going to devote my time to sensitivity training and introspection.

Thank you,


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