Dear Santa...

A few years after my brother and I figured out Mom's role in the whole Santa/North Pole system, we started a new Xmas eve tradition. We started leaving out alternatives to the traditional milk and cookies for Santa's Snack.


Yup. Here are some of the items left in years past:
  • Three "lines" of sugar on a mirror by the fireplace. With a note saying, "We realize you have a long night. Hopefully this will keep you going all night long."

  • A big bowl of water by the fireplace with a note saying, "We spent all day making this ice sculpture of a swan! Hope you get to our house before it melts too much."

  • A plate of carrots and celery with a note saying, "You're looking a little think around the middle, Santa. We worry about your health." We also included a before and after sketch of Fat and thin Santa*
    *NOTE: that was the year I awoke to find charcoal filling my stocking. Turns out mom can play, too.

This year we left this note and the tinfoil-wrapped sticks on the right:
Dear Santa...

smaller than actual size

Santa left this note back to us:

So little boys - you have finally figured it out. Now I have to destroy you.

OR if you prefer, you may join my band of merry men as we rush around the universe conquering and pilaging.

By the size of the dip sticks, you both obviously enjoy many fun games... reindeer or other.

Hope to see you soon,
Mom suggested we put it all away before grandma and grandpa got here.

Happy Holidays from the whole wacked-out Styn family.

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