After the event I walked around the party carrying my award. At first I considered checking it somewhere then thought, "When am I ever gonna be able to do this again. This is my night and I'm gonna carry the damn award."

When Venture capitalists and other money-thinking folks saw me holding the big trophy, they often introduced themsleves. I imagine Webby winners are generally good bets. So this was a common conversation for me:
"Thanks a lot!"
"So, what does your company *do*?"
"Um…Well my company is *me*."
"And I basically put a lot of picture of my butt online."
"That's great. Say, here's my card. We should talk!"

I guess you had to be there...but it was beautiful.

from CNN:
"This is not a frivolous use of my time. I should keep doing this even though there is no money in it. The Web is like art to me," said John Halcyon Styn, winner of both a Webby and People's Voice Award for Best Personal Web site.

On to HOME RUN...

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