Months ago, at the SXSW conference, I saw Tiffany Shlain at an Industry party. (She is the sexy founder and "Digital Diva" of the Webbies). Drunk on booze (and my inflated self confidence), I walked up and said, "I'm gonna win one of your awards."

Keep in mind, this was before the initial nominations were even announced. She didn't know me from Adam…or from any other flamboyantly dressed web geek.

She looked me up and down.
"That's a pretty cocky thing to say."
"Heh. I'm from cockybastard.com."
I don't know if she thought I was serious or not.

When I was onstage, accepting the award from Mahir, I felt like Babe-fucking-Ruth. Months before, I called my shot over the left field line, like the cockiest of bastards.

And, apparently, the Webby coordinators know the winners ahead of time. Because EVERYONE knew the story on the night of the Webbies. Twenty people must have re-told it to me during the after-party. I kept thinking to myself, "Babe-fuckin'-Ruth."

See you next year. ;)

P.S. There is no way I can express the gratitude I feel towards everyone who has read a Tale or sent an email of support. Yes, I would still do this if no one was reading...but it feels amazing to know that you are. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

p.p.s. Here are a bunch of pictures: And the video archive:
Media Player version of the Webby's broadcast (bigger video)

Real Player version of the Webby's broadcast

So that you can jump right to the important stuff, the times are as follows:

Preshow interview: 1:58
Award: 3:26
Postshow interview: 4:37
Halcyon-related sound-bite: 04:43:30

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