I go to school in the northeast and I have been reading your weekly tales for about a year and a half. There is this girl, she and I were social friends, but not too much more than that, to my dismay. I truly liked this girl, but like a lot of men in my situation, I felt that she was out of my range, and therefore completely unattainable. So, I kept it at just a light level of social interaction, and that was that.

She has this really good sense of humor, so I got to talking about some of the things I had read on your site, and she became interested. I printed one of my favorites; "Memo to the Women of the World re: Helping Me Have Orgasms" and gave it to her to read. She cracked up and thanked me.

Now this is where it gets interesting.

Prehensile Tales knows why birds sing so gay

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