For months I had been in the chat rooms at CollegeClub, talking to a girl. We had quickly become close friends, talking about many, many things, including a boy she really liked, and was waiting for him to ask her out. I felt sorry for her, because I was too in the same situation (It was kinda how we met online) and felt the same level of frustration.

We got to talking on the subject of this guy that she liked, and she mentioned that he had given her this printout earlier that week, and she thought it was funny, so she typed up the first couple of paragraphs, and sent it to me. I almost fell out of my chair with a heart attack when I saw what it was. It was your "Memo." I felt like how Meg Ryan must have felt in "You've got Mail". Tears were literally streaming down my face, and she didn't even know it was me.

The next day...

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