SXSW 2001:

MissM and I spent 4 days in Austin at SXSW. (This was my third year attending.) I hosted the Web Awards Show, told a story at Fray Café, and was on a panel about Lessons of the Adult Internet. But the festival was filled with countless magic moments. Here are a few:


  • Got to introduce MissM to my online family. They immediately loved her and visa versa.

  • Met Larry Harvey. (Founder of Burning Man) Had a wonderful conversation with Maid Marian as MissM debated anarchy with Larry. (More about this meeting in a wrds entry)

  • Discussed spirituality with Jeffrey and some of the web's most inspiring creative minds.

  • Lance lived up to my pedestal by absolutely SLAYING during his hilarious Fray Café reading of "My first Time Stoned" and his Sock Puppet Q&A during the Roast.

  • Courtney asked Lane to marry him at the end of her Fray Story about their relationship. I burst into joyous tears.

  • Reconnected with Patrick of the brilliant e-sheep. May be meeting up again for the big comic con in San Diego. As a comic outsider --who knows only Batman, Ronin, and e-sheep-- I'm looking forward to the baptism into graphic storytelling.

  • After listening to some of the nicest and most brilliant people I know talk about how hard writing a book is, I became inspired to write one. (panel included Steve Champeon, Derek Powazek, Jeffrey Zeldman, Jeffrey Veen, Pableaux, and acquiring editor Michael Nolan.)

  • Watched the sky host a dance of jagged lightning during an amazing midnight storm. I stood outside with Derek as the storm approached…the sky began to change color. Under his breath Derek said, "…it's purple." It was as if God was designing a layout for {fray}

  • Sat next to the brilliant Danni Ashe on the "Learning from the Adult Web" panel. She's hot, busty, blonde…and a business powerhouse. She has sat on Senate Subcommittees and generated $6 million last year. She is a perfect spokeswoman for porn.

  • The SXSW web awards were a combination of an award show and the Demolition Derby. Didn't go as planned, but I think it was entertaining anyway.

  • As I jumped on stage, the shoulder buttons on my sequined vest-top busted open. My shirt peeled open and exposed my nipple before I even started the opening monologue.

  • The list of contestants and winners I had was hand scrawled with cross-outs and arrows all over the place. I constantly lost my place and even began to announce the wrong winner at one point. Yes, I made someone very happy, then quickly very pissed. I am truly sorry.

  • My "All Your Base" parody was well recieved. Nobody got *too* upset.

  • Got to meet BurgundyGirl face to face. A long-time erotic relationship in my online life became a real life fantasy for one perfect night.

  • Got to meet Joshua Davis. He and MissM compared their full-back tattoo pieces. He looks like he was in town for the music portion of SXSW with apunk band. Yet he produces the sublime Flash art of a poet.

  • Got to spend some time with Derek and Heather. Beautiful souls who celebrated a year anniversary while at the conference. I remember the passion-charged air when I hung out with them last year. Seeing the love progress and grow between such wonderful hearts makes my insides smile.

  • A hug from Taylor. He may be brilliant, passionate, and talented…but his hugs are what makes him a superhero.

  • Seeing a question in the webcammers panel be directed at MissM (a relative net newbie) and seeing her field it like a champion.

  • I don't know how the web attracts such NICE and talented people. My dad once said, if you're brilliant, you can be a jerk…otherwise you better be nice to people. At SXSW there are so many brilliant people who are so nice! It gives a body hope.

  • Sharing a meal with Andy. Being at Yahoo for 5 years is an amazing perspective. But his perspectives regarding Sex Magic and the Maharishi with respect to Globalgasm were truly enlighteneing.

  • Sharing smile-filled stories of finding love with Rebecca Blood.

  • SXSW is like summer camp for me. It's packed with exciting activities and parties. I learn a ton. And I reconnect with the people I fell in love with in SXSW's past. On the last night, I made my rounds, hugged all my new and old friends, and said, "See you next year."






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