Answer Key: (your answers in magenta)
Column A
Correct answer
Heinz %1% I) Poor substitute for movie blood
Hanes %2% L) Cotton Penis Holder
Haim %3% E) Least Talented of the acting Coreys
Ahem %4% K) The spelling of the clearing your throat sound
Ham %5% H) The other white meat
Heil %6% A) Nazi for "high five"
Hail %7% G) Underachieving snow/overacheiving rain.
Hole %8% F) Acheivement of a self-actualized shovel
HiHo %9% B) Wanna-be Ritz
Hoe %10% D) The bluntest of the garden tools
Harem %11% C) Veiled Fun-o-rama
Hare %12% J) Got smoked by the Tortoise

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