Of course, standing and drooling isn't the best way to get compelling video footage of the event. It's tough to get good interviews when you're about to piss yourself from nervousness.

MissM was a lifesaver and tried to help psyche me up. I wish we had the camera rolling during one of those exchanges.

"Just go talk to her"
"But what will I say?!"
"Just hold out the mic and ask her how she likes the convention"
"Calm down…"
"I can't talk to her!! The things I've seen those lips do…!!!"

I managed to interview Taylor St James, Nikki Tyler, Tony Montana, and Sharron Mitchell. But most the time I simply used the camera as a confessional booth and to make kissy faces at MissM. Come to think of it, most the footage we brought back from Vegas was shot in our hotel room.