As The convention winded down, we went back to our hotel to clean up before the awards show. The convention is open to all, but the awards are much more exclusive. Plus, we had press passes and *fabulous* outfits to wear. So, yes, we were excited.

We went attired in a white theme. And by doing so were the only people there dressed as "a couple." My white fur coat combined with her white wig and go-go boots were enough to make people take our picture as we arrived at the Bellagio.

Even amidst a sea of porn stars, we were quite a vision.

Since nothing is easy to get to in a Vegas casino, the walk from the entrance to the auditorium was long and sectioned off with velvet ropes. Porn fans lined the ropes, hoping to get glimpses of their favorite smut heroes. It was like the red carpet walk into the Oscars…with more erections. And it became clear very quickly that people thought we were "talent"