Recently I was in one of those Earring /Scrunchies/ Accesories boutiques at the mall...shopping for gifts, of course. While I was browsing, a yuppie mom wheeled in the cutest, little baby girl. This baby couldn't have left the hospital more than a few hours ago...I mean, it still smelled like womb. The mom may have come straight there from the delivery room for all I know. The whole labor she was probably saying to herself, "I can't wait until we pierce her little ears! I can't wait until..." over and over, like some mutated Lamaz breathing.
So this adorable, rosy-cheeked squash is resting in her mother's trustworthy arms: secure, dry, safe... then WHACK!!!
The stainless steel snaps through tender lobe.
And the cutest little baby face explodes in horror and disbelief. A few seconds of baffled silence passed before the crying started.
"W...Why? Why did you let that happen?! I trusted you! Its your job to make sure that kind of stuff doesn't happen!! The world is a cold place...I'll remember that for the rest of my life."
But at least the mommy will get her ego stroked when strangers in the market say, "Oh she's such a little doll!"

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