My first day there I was supposed to watch a screening of the film. Luckily there was ample time to go shopping earlier in the day. Now, not to extinguish the last shred of masculinity of my persona, but I shopped like a friggin' princess. I was in heaven. I bought TWO fake fur coats, 2 cowboy hats, pants, shirts, and more. The only letdown: Nobody could find me funky white boots.

And speaking of boots, That city is made for walking. You can get most places by foot. I cruised through SoHo, East Village, and Times Square. When my legs got weary, I jumped in a taxi. The taxi system is amazing. The flow of cabs is constant. They're like yellow blood cells carrying people to the extremities of the city's "body."

At first I was intimidated by the thought of hailing a New York Cab. So I would wait for someone to get out of a cab, then I would jump in. I found I was better at this "scavenger" style of hailing pre-"killed" carrion cabs than predatory arm waiving. I left that to the more aggressive cab hunters. But by the time I needed a cab to the airport, I was flagging down cabs like a local.

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