The movie was good. It showed what college *could* have been like if I had 5 grand a month to spend on rent and martinis. My *actual* college experience, I don't think I ever drank a beverage out of a glass glass. Plastic keg cups were more my style. But the Movie was fun and the acting impressive. Both exceeded my expectations. So I was really looking forward to hanging out with the young actors during my interview.

I imagined we all be hanging out and laughing. The female stars would bat their eyelashes at me and flirt as we sipped martinis from glass glasses. After the interview they'd demand I come with them to an insider party later that evening so more movers and shakers could meet their dynamic new friend, the "cockybastard."

Reality was *slightly* different. The stars had to hang out in a hotel room converted to a Studio ALL DAY. Individual interviewers would be escorted in, given 5 minutes to get a sound bite, then escorted out. They started giving interviews at 9am. My interview was at 3. Police interrogations are less ruthless. By 3, these poor souls were *tired.*

When my time came, I was nervous and 5 minutes went VERY fast. (Funny, in the bedroom, 5 minutes seems like an eternity.) The women were beautiful and dynamic. The guys were handsome and super cool. I didn't feel intimidated, but I definitely felt like these guys could hold their own in the cockiness department.

I explained that I was a representative from CollegeClub.com and had a few questions submitted by members of the community. I asked if they used the Internet. I asked how their college experience compared to the college experience in the movie. And I asked what advice they would give to a young aspiring actor being pressured to pursue more financially rewarding studies.

They gave good answers. They were charming. I imagine they'd been charming all day…very impressive. When my 5minutes was up with the male actors, I gave them cockybastard.com stickers. They seemed to dig 'em.

With my "work" responsibilities taken care of, I had the remainder of the evening to sprinkle New York with a little San Diego flava. I went dancing til the early morning. Then I picked my bags from my hotel and headed home -- my bags weighed down with videos of the interviews and 2 *gorgeous* fake fur coats.

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