New to New York New York.

It *is* a hell of town.

Every detail there screams "New York." Every street. Every shop front. Every screaming voice.

I imagine you could blindfold someone, place them anywhere in New York, and they'd know what city they were in seconds after the blindfold was removed.

Of course, I've never done this. The people I blindfolded while in New York were only interested in being tied to my hotel bed frame and covered in exotic cheeses. But that's an entirely different story.

I was in New York on business. My "business" was interviewing the stars of the movie, "Gossip." As far as work goes, that's a pretty cool gig. Still, it was fun to tell people I was in New York for the weekend, "on business." I wonder what people thought I did?

Prehensile Tales is curious about *Old* York

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