Halcyon's Year-End Review
You can't help but move forward.  When in doubt, keep going.

Well, 1999 is about up. And, oddly enough, I haven't heard Prince's song *nearly* as often as I expected.

I was born in 1971. For the last 28 years, there's been *at least* one "9" in the year.

I haven't written the date without a "9" in it…EVER.
I better order extra checks for all the mistakes I'm gonna make.

I can remember thinking about this time when I was in elementary school.
"Where will I be in the year 2000?"

At the time, I was leaning towards Paleontology. 'Cause digging up dinosaur bones sounded pretty good to a 4th grader. I also imagined I'd be married and probably have kids. Assuming of course I got over that whole "cooties" hangup.

But lots has happened since then.

I never would have dreamed I'd be here. Immersed in this new technological ocean. Paddling around with a combination of joy and awe…like what a surfer feels for the sea.

So, yes, the Internet played a big part in this year for me.

My domain name collection is up to six:
  • prehensile.com
  • cockybastard.com
  • lustmonkey.com
  • brainlube.com
  • blogs.com
  • halcyon1.com

My work, hobbies, and passions are all online.

Heck, I got a cam.

Now even the boring parts of my life are online.

And I'm now updating prehensile every day.

My passion for creation still burns hot. And I feel unbelievably blessed that the writing/design/art I produce is actually enjoyed by others. No amount of money could buy the joy I get when someone e-mails me to say, "You touched me" or "Thanks for the needed laughs."

I work with brilliant, passionate people that push me every day.

I worked harder this year than I ever have in my life. I can now tell my kids that I was in one of those internet start-ups where people worked themselves crazy, slept in the office and made millions in stock.

Well…maybe next year I'll be able to add the "millions" part onto that story. But still, it's nice to know that I can work *really* hard.

I was charged with redesigning a site with 1.5 million members. Plus they let me write a weekly newsletter and send it to every one of those members. Wow. I always thought my wackiness was something I'd have to *hide* from employers.

I had a few memorable breaks in work this year: A beauty-soaked trip to Hawaii and my second pilgrimage to Burning Man.

A few beefcake honors this year, too. Like Hunk of the Month from Lawgirl.com. And Feature of The Month at LonghairedMen.com. Also did some "modeling" for CollegeClub and some *real* modeling for JNCO jeans.

I'm finishing up my 2nd year in my *great* apartment.

I got a custom bed. I went from having a mattress on the floor to sleeping inside a piece of art. It changes the whole feel of my apartment. I've never lived in a place that felt so much like it was *me*. The things in my place are mostly "deliberate." They are things I've chosen, and not just the result of hand-me-downs or girlfriends' things.

The people that surround me are the greatest gift of all. I am surrounded in love. I get to see my family regularly. And my friends continue to amaze me with their brilliance, wit, and capacity to love. They teach me and keep me in check.

Good things continue to happen. And bad things are quickly forgotten. ;)

Is my glass half-full?
Heck, it's so damn full it's over-flowing.
Dear god! So much water!!! We'll all drown!!! What a world…what a world…

Make it a great day, year, decade, century, and lifetime.

Much love,

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