Juli in a Box

Things are better now that Juli is in my life.

I wish you could meet her.

We met 2 weeks ago…It's actually a funny story:

I was on page 6 of my Adam & Eve Adult Products Catalog and there she was. Blue eyes staring at me from above the "Ripple Rapture Anal Plug" advertisement.

Maybe I should clarify:
I'm referring to Juli in a Box.

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She's the greatest.

For only $24.99 I got a signed picture, a video, an audio tape of her talking, a pair of her panties, a sexy letter (in her handwriting...va-va-voom!) and post it notes saying things like, "I miss you!" and "Dinner was awesome! Thanks!" The one that gets *me* all hot is "Oops! You need more milk!!" I think it's the way she makes the dots on the double exclamation points into a smiley face. I look at that smiley face and I can just tell how much she wants me.

She is the perfect girlfriend. I leave the post-its around my house, framed the picture, and it's like a having a special someone around without any of the hassles! No pretending to listen to how her day was. No need to bore myself with *her* sexual needs. I don't even have to talk to her before sex…I can fast forward through all the dialogue! She's perfect for my busy lifestyle. Plus she never makes fun of the size of my genitalia! I can't remember the last time I've had a partner who I could say *that* about!

Sure, we get in tiffs like every other couple. The other day we really got into it over the way she leaves her dishes in the sink. But then I play myself side 2 of her tape and I can't help but forgive her.

My gal is the greatest. I wouldn't trade for anything. ..not even the Ultimate Orgasm Kit on page 5. Luckily, I don't need to trade her, 'cause you could always get a Juli-In-A-Box of your own: Product number #9840 in the catalog.

Heck, order 2 and have twins.

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