"The Miracle of the Key" was only one of many divine blessings that day.

It's true. There was "The Miracle of the Chocolate and the S'mores" and then "The Miracle of BoBo's Bicycle Return."

But I'm gonna skip the details of the other miracles of the day.

I'll go straight to my favorite experience of my entire week at Burning Man. Not that I like to pick favorites, but…

MissM and I decided to go visit Julian at Camp SuperSnail. He had given me a cool poster of his amazing photography and I needed to pick it up. We dressed up in matching skirts and hats in case Julian had time to snap a pic or two. (If you haven't seen Julian's photos, go to Supersnail.com immediately. His Burning Man picks are amazing. )

When we showed up he gave hugs and then apologized that he was getting ready to take pics of Larry Harvey, Maid Marian and the rest of the Burning Man organizers. He brainstormed a few photo ideas with us, then as his eyes lit up like an idea lightbulb, he asked if we would mind being props in a photo with Larry?

Did I mention Julian is amazing? Well, the for the first photo, Julian had fashioned a little wooden man out of matchsticks. Julian snapped pics as Larry ignited the match man with a huge magnifying glass.

In the second photo series, Larry sat in a chair reading a children's story, with myself and several other burners sitting at his feet on the floor.

What was the book? "Free to Be…You and Me."

As long as I've been going to The Playa I've associated Burning Man with that song.

Larry wasn't familiar with the book or song. I started singing the lyrics as he flipped through the pages. There was magic in the air. I may have seen an angel wing pop out of Julian's tunic.

I can't overstate the importance of Burning Man to me.

So imagine the feeling of Larry Harvey, the guy who started Burning Man, reading you the foreword of "Free to Be You and Me.'

Astair waltzing you around the ballroom.

John Paul blessing your forehead.

Marley singing you Redemption Song.