Years ago, before discovering Burning Man, I wrote:

"Wonderful things happen when you start to get in tune with the energy around you. You can get caught up in it's current. I think when you can achieve that totally, and just float in the current, is when you reach nirvana, enlightenment, self-actualization, whatever.

When you feel the brush of that current, solutions are just handed to you. Opportunities present themselves at your feet. You always happen to be at the right place at the right time."

I guess I've always known the importance of Surrender. But sometimes even when I know something is true…its hard to believe it.

That is the miracle of Black Rock City. At Burning Man, the physical challenges in making it to the event and surviving the climate require a certain mindset: A mindset committed to adapting to whatever craziness may arise.

It might rain. It might be freezing. It might be boiling. It might be windy. You have to surrender to the experience. Once you have surrendered to the physical conditions, I think it makes it easier to surrender to the spiritual conditions.

As you proceed through the Burning Man experience, you are undertaking the process of Surrendering. You allow yourself a mindset open to new ideas, impulses, and sensations.

When you stop steering and start surrendering, you can trust the inner voices of creative energy.

The challenge is remembering that lesson year round….even without a dust storm slapping you in the face with it. Even without an Angel to deliver the message to you.


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