"CollegeClub.com has changed my life!
My acne cleared up and my public masturbation is much more controlled!"

-Halcyon Styn
CollegeClub Senior Editor / Community Gigglepuss
"Why would Halcyon be telling me to become a CollegeClub member?"
  1. I write weekly newsletters only availble to members (plus the daily polls, discussion questions, etc.) that are jam-packed with Halcyon spittle.
  2. I'd like to be able to point people to member's only areas on collegeclub like my photo galleries.
  3. You get a free email address that you can get over the phone. (you dial an 800 number and a computer voice reads you your mail.)
  4. It's free and takes 2 minutes to join.
  5. Do you really need more reasons than that?! Sheesh.
  6. Okay, I get paid a little for every person that joins.
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