I want to showcase your Flash work and make you famous.

In addition to acting as Senior Editor at collegeclub.com, I've also been given the task of finding "edgy" content.
("Edgy" not meaning it reminds you of a U2 guitarist…"edgy" meaning it would appeal to drunk college students.) Twisted stuff. Off-from-the-norm stuff. Stuff like *you* produce.

You see, CollegeClub.com is a RAPIDLY growing community of college students. Last week we surpassed 1,000,000 members. I want to introduce these young, fragile minds to your fucked-up art. It'll be beautiful.

Here's how it would work:

We put your work on CollegeClub.com's new "FlashFlicks" area. You retain FULL ownership but grant us exclusive rights to show it for 3 months. In exchange, we pay you and drive millions of eyeballs to your work. (more info)

Let me know ASAP. We are moving forward with this very quickly and my bosses are to launch this FlashFlicks area in a matter of weeks.