1. You submit a flash animation (15 seconds to 5 minutes) for us to show. We don't want to *own* your work, just showcase it on our site.
  2. If we accept your animation, we'll pay you a token "rental fee" (between $50 and $500, depending on length, complexity, quality).
  3. In exchange for the traffic and cash, we will ask for a 3 month exclusive (meaning it isn't available elsewhere on the net during that time.) After three months, we hand it back to you and you can put it up on your personal site or do whatever you want with it. It's yours. Just let us keep it archived on our site.
  4. We'll feature you in our FlashFlicks area and start promoting it on our site to our million members. We also have committed to over $100k in banner ads promoting FlashFlicks on other sites.
  5. We'd also like to have your photo, bio, and email link in our "Snooty Artists Responsible for this Crap" page (Okay, the name of the page is still under discussion). If you create multiple works for us, the Snooty Artists page will link to all your work. (Can you tell I *really* like parenthetical asides?)
How cool is that?! You still own everything. You just let us show it (and drive monster traffic to your work) for 3 months. We get to share your cool content with our members. Meanwhile we'll promote you, pay you, and you'll still own all rights to your creation.

ANY questions or to submit some work, email me.


p.s. make sure you click on the guy's shorts above.