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Fruit stickers. They're simply too good at what they do. I would think that if you were planning on sticking something to an item that I'm going to eat, it would be removable. Instead, I find myself cutting it away with my fingernails like cancerous tissue. Well, maybe I'm being dramatic. But they are definitely frustrating.

Is it really worth the effort? Are that many people paying Gala apple prices for Braeburns?




Today is my last day of work! After over 2 1/2 years with CollegeClub, it's time to move on. It's been a great run, I've learned a ton and I've worked with incredibly sharp people...but I'm ready for the next adventure. Also, after writing a daily poll for about 950 days in a row...I'm out of ideas.

The next adventure (after going to Burning Man and a visit to Jen's family in Ohio) is a 4 month journey through the Pacific. Jen and I are throwing our stuff in storage and and taking off. We're leaving at the end of September and spending time in the Cook Islands (10 days), New Zealand (1 month), Australia (1 month), Bali, Indonesia (7 days), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (12 days) and Thailand (1 month). It should be a valuable experience -- and I'm very excited.

I'm a lucky man and extremely thankful the opportnites that I have.


The Discovery Channel is amazing. I got completely enraptured by the show What Killed the Mega Beasts?" It covered theories on what may have killed them these giant animals as well as incredible computer animation of the beasts such as the Marsupial Lion, Giant Lemur and Woolly Mammoth. Pics Here.

Of course, I giggled like a schoolgirl everytime they mentioned the Giant Beaver. "At 8 feet long and nearly 450 pounds, the giant beaver dominated North America..." Heh, heh.

The (tee-hee) Giant Beaver


We have a section on CollegeClub.com called "Rate Me!" (with a list of the Top 10 for the day) which is similar to HotorNot.com. I ran across this picture and the image behind him grabbed me. I don't remember if I posted this before, but this may be the greatest painting of all time. It really couldn't be worse. I can't stop staring at it. A clearly talented painter decided to paint this image of a Native American praying to a floating John Wayne head (or is he asking "why me?" to the Duke?).


"Why Me?"


My good, good friend, Justin just released a 5 song CD. I may be biased, but I really dig it. Who knew my college roommate was a talented musician. He must have been inspired by my melodious shower singing voice (my extensive song repertoire consists of "You've Lost that Loving Feeling" and the theme song to "Fame").

Check out (and hear) his new CD and his redesigned site. Way to go my man!


I had a great visit to Portland for the past few days. Although the highlight was being around amazing family members...the cool movie theater was a close second. They show movies that aren't brand new (we saw the newest Star Wars), but they charge $2 and sell food and liquor. We bought a few pitchers of beer, some slices of pizza, and enjoyed the movie. Brilliant. It's reason enough to live in Portland.


I love the vintage clothes store Buffalo Exchange. However, when trying to trade in some of my old clothes this weekend, I found it hard to accept a fashion denial from a guy with a mohawk...only on the back of his head.

Still, I swallowed my pride and bought a fuzzy, light blue sleeveless shirt for Burning Man. I just can't stay mad at them...


My 90 year-old grandpa...I can't stop being impressed by how groovy he is. This is how he signed off his last e-mail to me.

Life is a wonderful journey. Keep your sense of wonder (and take care of your body loan).

My "body loan". I love it. He rules.


Am I the only one who likes this?
When you slip on your shoes and your feet feel fine, but something's not quite right. As you try to tie your shoes, you realize that one of your shoelaces has unwisely lodged itself under your foot. As you slide the lone, hidden lace from under your feet the world sort of falls back into place. "Ahhh, that's what wasn't right, my lace was under my foot."

This, and not because of fashion, is why I won't wear velcro strapped shoes.

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