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I was thinking to make sure I always have material for my journal, I would consistently wait about a week then write about how I meant to update it but got busy. It's a brillant concept.

On a different note, I briefly helped my good friend D-Love move last weekend. A note to parents and future parents of the world: If you want your kid to learn an instrument, try the trumpet or violin...anything that can be picked up and easily moved by one person. Having your child take piano lessons may greatly affect their friendships later on in life.


I want to wish a Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to my brother. Although I enjoy the six days where only one year separates us, I'm glad you get to celebrate today.

Keep on inspiring people and keep on the path. You're allowing people to join you on an amazing journey. I admire that.

Enjoy your day. You deserve it.


What a surprise to see my site had been redesigned! Thanks to my brother for the birthday present! It's a beautiful day, some wonderful people have sent me warm greetings and I have many reasons to smile. This new year for me is starting out just right. Thanks for the love.


I turn 29 on Wednesday...it's not a big deal (I'm okay with getting older) but I will miss the buffer that screams "I'm very much still in my twenties."

Happy birthday (today) to Marie and Mr. T...although I doubt they're celebrating together.


After my brother posted a quick video we made while intoxicated and goofing around with our old Star Wars figures and reading Mighty Jimbo's recollection of the draw of his action figures, I've been thinking a lot about my childhood Star Wars figures. In re-watching Star Wars recently, I noticed that we owned figures for characters that were merely panned across in a scene. Their on-screen time is literally 1 to 2 seconds. We have a few characters from the bar scene in Star Wars where many of the wacky creaturs hang out. I can't believe, on a sales level, that this idea worked. "Let's create a figurine for 'Peanut-Butter head man' and...um...and the orange R2 droid that breaks down after being in the movie for 3 seconds. Kids will love 'em!" And somehow, we did...

Maybe there should be a line of "extras" action figures. Just non-descript people in regular clothes that you could put in the background while playing with your "real" action figures. Instead of playing with Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi, you could have Linda and Gregory. It might work...


My buddy Nate went to the midnite show of "Star Wars: Attack of the Clones" last night. I'm sure it was a blast (/geek-a-thon) but there are very few movies that could get me to go opening night, much less at midnite. It'd have to be a movie about my life...starring Brad Pitt...and Halle Berry...with several graphic sex scenes involving Ms. Berry yelling out my name in ecstacy. Even then, I'd still probably wait until a matinee.

--And congratulations to Jen who on her flight to New York boarded three airplanes and was "randomly" searched right as she was boarding ALL THREE TIMES. Maybe the airlines know something I don't. I'd better keep an eye on her.


I'm amazed at what laws must be in place that insist that prescription medicine ads explain the possible side-effects of their medicine while other products can keep us behind a veil of snazzy music and pretty pictures. I'm sure you've heard the soft, low voice that says,
"Claritin is not for everyone. Possible side effects include nausea, dwarfism, sluggishness and searing genital pains. Pregnant women should not take Claritin as they may birth a superhuman race that could take over our planet. Ask your doctor if Claritin is right for you."

I'd love it if all products had to be so honest. "Continued use of Miller High Life may cause unattractive people to be more sexually appealing. Late night cravings for burrittos and gravy were seen in some test subjects as well as nausea, regret and apathy. Karoake singing and philosophical discussions should not be attempted while using Miller High Life."

Let the people know!


Man, this picture of my cousin Tracy and Rob's daughter Harper Lee is too much!

Disco Harper!


Papa John's is back in good graces! After the unfortunate "Hidden Bacon Incident" with my BBQ Pizza, I used their online feedback form to express my complaint. I received a call later that day from their San Diego corporate office to discuss the pros and cons of hiding pork in their pizzas. They were extremely friendly and explained to me that San Diego is a test market for many of Papa John's food and at their headquarters in Kentucky, they may not have the hippie-dippie-pork-is-evil mentality that San Diegans have (my words, not his). Some other people also expressed concern and he's sending me vouchers for three free pizzas to ensure that I remain a customer. Bravo!

For those of you that were excited about the bacon/BBQ chicken pizza...I may have ruined everything for you. Don't tell anyone, but it *was* pretty good.


This weekend, Jen and I ordered a "specialty pizza" from Papa John's Pizza. We got the BBQ Chicken pizza -- similar to a pizza that I had enjoyed at two other pizza places. We were eating the pizza, watching a movie and engaging in general merriment when I looked a bit closer and realized the under the cheese and chicken, our pizza was packed with bacon. BACON?!! On a BBQ Chicken pizza?! I haven't eaten pork in years and I was furious. Needless to say, I thought the ingredients were pretty clear -- I knew I hadn't ordered a vegetarian pizza, but I also hadn't ordered the "meat-lovers" either.

I suppose it was a "special" pizza after all.


As a shyly huddled into my cubicle and asked my brother mock interview questions to prepare for the MTV film crew that was arriving momentarily (to complete a documentary on people who put their sex lives on the Web) I wondered, "How many brothers have had this situation come up?"

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