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Oh, that's right...I have this page to update. My bad. I began taking a massage/bodywork class at the International Professional School of Bodywork. It's very cool, but there is a LOT more work than I had anticipated. While it's still hands-on and groovy, there is a ton of anatomy to learn and memorization. Apparently there are several bones and/or muscles in the body. And, in order to know what I'm doing, I need to learn them (and my "knee-bone connected to da...LEG-bone" song doesn't cut it).


I went to see Cirque du Soleil's Dralion on Saturday. Some amazing performers and some strong make-up (we were in the front row). Few things make you feel less limber and agile than watching Cirque du Soleil. I think I pulled a muscle just watching the performers.
Equally as entertaining was seeing the adorable Alex Willow (almost 11 months old) get captivated by the colors, actions and sounds of the show.


I was on the wrestling team in high school (yes, I wore the "required uniform"). I used to make the nervous/excited drive to every away wrestling meet with the same guy on my team who always played the Violent Femmes in the car to get us pumped up. Years later I was driving home and one of their songs came on the radio. "Why can't I get just one kiss..." and I began to sweat and get butterflies in my stomach. It's amazing how songs can affect you.

Hmm, I wonder if someone will search in Google for "pump" and "wrestling". They will be sorely disappointed when they get to this page. Maybe I shouldn't have used the word "sorely".


I dig this picture of Jen enjoying the sun and drawing in her sketchbook.

Feeling groovy...


Oh my, I forgot to give an update on the Pentathlon (thanks Heather)! The random drawing of names had me competing with my good friend (and old roommate) Jon and a new friend Darren. With the addition of the mystery event (3-on-3 beach volleyball) let's just say none of the other 9 teams (27 people total) were too concerned about us.

However, I picked a great day to have the luckiest day of my life.

Event 1 -- The 3x50 meter swim. Although we lost to the first place team by 9 seconds, we placed second by .3 seconds. Fairly miraculous since none of us are great swimmers.

Event 2 -- Beach volleyball. This was a double elimination tournament. Although we had a blast, we somehow were out after three games. Fortunately, the teams in 7th and 8th place finished first and second.

Event 3 -- Bowling. This is where is starts to get crazy...my previous best bowling score was around a 150-something. Somehow, I bowled a 191 (the second highest score was my partner Jon who bowled a 176) and suddenly, we're in first place (and I was being accused of hiring a "bowling coach" to work on my "game".)

Event 4 -- 3-Point shooting tournament (double elimination). While wearing the yellow jerseys that signify your team is in first (like the Tour de France) we again are through after only three tries.

Event 5 -- 3x400 meter run. We're somehow still in second place but down by six points. Although we figure we're out of it, we run like hell. I start us off and in a shocking burst of energy, I run away from the group, giving my team a nice lead. The team holds on (and then some) and we win by 10 meters. The first place team finishes 5th and we have a tie for first!

The tie is broken by a soccer shoot-out. Two rounds, each player shoots once a round. We block their first round of shots and Jon scores on our turn (1-0). In the second round, they even the score to 1-1. We have three shots to win it all. I shoot and kick it over the goal. Darren shoots and it's blocked. Jon shoots...and it's in the corner! WE WIN!

It was an amazing day and a miraculous finish. I have my trophy and my medals (for winning bowling and the run) proudly displayed in my home...at least until Jen notices.


This weekend I'm "competing" in a pentathlon that one of my college buddies created. In teams of three (there are eight teams) we'll compete in a 3x50m swim, bowling, 3-point shoot, 3x400m run and a mystery event (which we'll find out about once we arrive). Teams are drawn tonite and the competition begins early on Saturday. Should be a blast, there has been a lot of trash talking going on from all the has-beens and weekend warriors. My money is on "Team Groin Pull" or possibly "Team Sideache". I plan on being the dork leading my team in calisthenics before each event.


Today is my grandpa's 90th birthday and he continues to be the grooviest guy I know. I'm incredibly lucky to have him as a role model. He showed me that growing older wasn't about losing capabilities but gaining wisdom and courage. He has worked hard to have an open mind, a loving heart and a glowing soul. He is cartoonishly appreciative of the world he lives in. Everyday he "rejoices" in the miracles that surround him. His positivity is infectious and he dishes out hugs like nobody's business. Happy birthday, Grandpa -- you're so rad.


I live by a park. It's a groovy park with swings, a huge grass field and some slides. However, the street sign that alerts you to be careful not to run your car over playing kids is of two dark figures on a see-saw (or "teeter-totter" as it's known in the more hip circles). Alas, there is no see-saw. I hate to think about all the excited families that pull up to the park in anticipation of nice day of see-sawing. Don't underestimate the correlation between the rise of gang violence and the decline in popularity of the see-saw.


I know I've spoken of the many talents of my friends...but D-love (with the help of brother Brandon) has the most amazing skill of them all. He can catch any grape that Brandon throws at him. Seriously. He'll snag a lob, a line drive, from 20 feet away or even off the wall. It's remarkable. It's the most amazing "non-talent" I've ever seen. It puts to shame my world-class "gleeking" talent.

Look closely, you can see the flying grape.
Photo courtesy of Ben


Did some fun stuff for April Fool's Day on CollegeClub.com including making a hand Member of the Day (the hand was mine, the profile was all Jason). Seeing jokes on Launch.Yahoo, Google, Ebay, etc. made me glad to see the Web still has a sense of humor.


I don't know if I've ever mentioned my Mom's Easter Beer Hunt...but it's so rad. Recognizing that we had lost interest in hunting for plastic eggs with candy in them, my Mom began hiding quality beers in the yard. We were given a six-pack holder with fake green grass in it and set loose on the "hunt". I came back from Easter festivities this year with a sweet six-pack of Guinness, Pete's Wicked Ale, Bass and some others. After seven years of this I still can't believe how fun it is. My Mom rules. Here's my brother's take on it and pics from '99.

Ah, the Easter Beer Hunt...

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