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Today is my good, good friend D-Love's birthday. I've known him for over 80% of my life...since I was around 5 years old, and to this day I still see him more than once a week. He's an amazing friend, a postive influence and a brillant artist. Happy B-day D!

Quick story: For X-mas, Jen and I used a ton of little (cheap) candy canes to decorate our tree. We later pawned this "gift" of candy canes off on D-Love and Shonda at their New Year's Eve party (they were not particularly excited). Then, at a get together at our place, we received a decorative bag from them with...yep, the same little (cheap) candy canes. So, last weekend, Jen and I put the candy canes in a Ritz cracker box and brought them as a "party favor". The excitement of crackers was quickly shattered upon opening the box...so, now, as D-love put it, "It's ON!" (For those keeping score at home it's J&J: 2 giveaways, D&S: 1 giveaway)


I have a problem with the word "non-potable". If a message is as important as "for the love of god, DON'T DRINK THIS WATER!" we should use a word that everyone knows -- especially little kids. How 'bout "Dirty Water" or "This two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen is unfit for imbibing." I don't know...something easy.


Two big trips coming up! In February, Jen and I are heading to Salt Lake City to be a part of the Winter Olympics (due to a citizenship error I've been asked to represent Papua New Guinea in the luge) and in March I'm heading to Vegas for my good friend's bachelor party. Actually, I'm not really competing in the Olympics (*gasp*), Jen's brother is there helping ABC News cover the scene and has a place for us to stay. YEAH!


My grandma is doing pretty well. She underwent six days of chemotherapy and is now recovering in the hospital. I visited her on Sunday when she wasn't doing well. I massaged her feet and back and tried to send her love. She seemed to pep right up when she got a blood transfusion...thank you to those who donate your blood. She's fighting a good fight.


Today I walked a labyrinth with my Dad. My Mom has been into walking labyrinths for several years and has often spoke of the serenity that comes through the slow, patient, meditative walking. Today was no exception - I truly enjoyed the peace of mind. Also, it's always cool to see my Dad try new things...

(The walk ends up being close to one mile)


My amazing 85 year-old grandma has Leukemia. She starts chemotherapy today and continues chemo for 5 days...please send her some energy if you can spare it.

She's a strong-willed woman. She earned her college degree in the thirties, she still drives, and she can hold her own in any debate. Her husband, my inspirational 89 year-old grandpa Caleb, has his own online journal.

Good Luck Grandma!


On Friday, a pilot in Colorado survived a Cesna plane crash, walked six hours in the snow to get help, boarded an Air Force helicopter which then crash-landed. He later said, "I like to think of them as landings because I walked away."

Do not go flying with this guy. His time is apparently up.


Last night I had a wonderful evening celebrating lovely Jen's birthday. Cocktails at Mr. A's overlooking downtown San Diego, delicious sushi for dinner, a quick stop at a candy store for wacky treats, then falling asleep in each other's arms. Hmmmm...so nice. Happy birthday, darling.

The view, and the company, was spectacular.


In the restroom at work I try to tape up the day's sports page above the urinals so the men of the office have something to read during the frequent visits to the bathroom (I drink a lot of water). Yesterday morning I was using the urinal, reading the sports page, and noticing that the bathroom had been cleaned since it lacked it's regular, horrific odor (I was multi-tasking).
When I was done and I began to flush I noticed that the liquid in the bowl of the urinal was the color of red wine (like a Merlot, I suppose). "AHHHH! Did I just urinate that? OH MY GOD!" But how can I tell, I'm already "spent" and I try to not to urinate on the floor...there's no evidence! Wait! The pleasant aroma...the clean countertop...the bathroom had been cleaned, remember?

Lesson to the story: Apparently urine and leftover cleaning solution in the urinal is the color of Merlot.

On a less urine-related note: I've been busy working on some Valentine's Day e-Cards for CollegeClub. I'll make sure to link to them when they're done.


Happy New Year! In reflecting on 2001 there was still much to be celebrated. Everyday I enjoy more and more being me. Makes me excited about 2002...

Foxy and Kaya (Foxy Kaya?)

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