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I'm off to Joshua Tree and then to Idyllwild with the lovely Jen. Although I can't get to my old posts, I believe my first post in my blog was about going to Joshua Tree at the end of last year. Happy one-year birthday to CaptainKaya.com (a X-mas gift last year from my brother)!

Pics from last year


--Check out a very cool Holiday Card by my bro.

--Having old friends in town is a blast. It's amazing that as a 28 year old man many of my best friends are friends I've had for over 20 years.

--I'm linked in a friend's site with the description, "Nice fella, even if he is a California hippie vegetarian." I laughed out loud - I love it. I'm getting that quote on my business card.


Another reason to travel to Europe...
Germany approved a measure that legalizes prostitution. The oldest profession now has unemployment benefits, health insurance and pensions (penisions?).

What does one have to do to get prostitution unemployment benefits?


At a office gift exchange, a friend brought a manicure coupon (that he won) to be his gift. When he opened up his randomly selected present, it was a fingernail grooming set. Cruel, cruel irony is hard at work.

But, as the saying goes, "If you give a man a manicure, his nails look nice for a day...if you teach a man how to take care of his nails, he's well-groomed and made fun of by his male friends for a lifetime."

(And who brought a fingernail grooming set to the gift exchange?)


I'm so un-punk rock.

Yesterday, Jen and I walked around the neighborhood delivering cookies (that we baked and decorated) to the neighbors. And it was fun.

I'm still a little bit punk rock. I *did* bake some that were in "adult-themed" shapes. Heh, heh.


From a poll I ran yesterday on CollegeClub.com

Should marijuana be legalized? Total = 10,476 votes
a. Yes (6088) (58%)
b. No (4388) (41%)

In the immortal words of Peter Tosh, "Legalize it, yeah. Don't criticize it, yeah."


Man, my brother is doing some cool freakin' stuff on the Web. He redesigned his three main sites: Cockybastard.com, Digitalintimacy.com, and Styn.net. He also did the illustrations on the Digital Intimacy site.

Viva mi hermano!


I went ice-skating on Friday. Yes, in downtown San Diego they have a ice-skating rink powered by precious California electricity. It was...a good experience. It's really not that much fun. The reward/risk ratio is not that good. If I push myself in this one-time a decade activity and fall, I'll land on hard, cold, wet ice. I said, "Oh, I see, to be good at this you have to practice. Hmm. Yeah, this isn't really for me."

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