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I had a great time in Oklahoma. I spent time swinging on a porch swing reading my book. I forget to give myself the time to do this. I was in Stillwater, OK - home of Oklahoma State and a pretty small town. The town revolved around the Mega-Wal-Mart. This massive store sold everything a Wal-Mart regularly sells, plus produce, aquarium fish, movie rentals and more. They must've put 30 stores out of business when they moved in.
I also saw a "Tickle Me Elmo" doll. I'd never seen one before - wow. It was more like "Seizure-Time Elmo" or "Heroin-Withdrawal Elmo" or "Hypothermia Elmo". Freaky little shaking puppet.

Fun-time with Heroin-Withdrawal Elmo!


So many things to talk about...
-The shooting star spectacular on Saturday night was amazing. As D-love said, "Goooo NATURE!" It's nice to see so many people appreciating something so groovy.
-I ran into a former student of mine working at the grocery store. I was her only teacher for two years (charter school) and It was wonderful to see her light up when she saw me. I forgot how good it feels to know that you helped someone graduate.
-Leaving today for Oklahoma to be with Jen's family for Thanksgiving.
-I'm a thankful, thankful man. I'm surrounded by love.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Beards are being shaved, women are walking alone, and TV sets are being unearthed! According to this article people had been waiting to unhide their TV sets. "Asif unearthed his television and slipped a weathered copy of Titanic into the VCR."

Titanic? Freedom can be bittersweet. Can we add a copy of The Big Lebowski in our food drops? I forget how good we have it sometimes...


I got a new cell phone. With my old one being two years old, it was 1 year and 11 months out of date. The Sprint people said they didn't carry parts for "that phone" as if I had walked in with a World War II phone/backpack like one of my plastic army men had. My new snazzy phone also has an MP3 player on it, and despite working for an internet company, I've never downloaded music. I still need to download my first song... it's kinda like losing my virginity - with less wine coolers (but still later than a lot of my friends).


I never posted my Halloween costume. As a 80's preppy I couldn't walk past a mirror without wanting to punch myself in the mouth.

Go ahead and sing A-Ha, I know you want to.


It's official. I'm super old. I hurt my back playing Ultimate Frisbee (or as Ollie puts it, "Ultimate Frisbee Fighting Championship Challenge") and spent most of my weekend in bed or hopped up on pain killers. (That sounds a lot more fun than it was.) I missed most of work today and I struggle to find a way to sit that doesn't hurt. I still have many reasons to smile (creme soda, candles that smell good, Dr. Seuss) - just had to whine for a bit. =)


We're hooked on a new drink. It's a mix of vanilla vodka, orange rum, some orange juice and a little bit of milk. Man, it's good and tastes just like a 50-50 popsicle (or creamsicle). The magical orange rum (by Bacardi) comes in a bottle with a large "O" in the middle (presumably for "Orange"). In my efforts to describe to the woman behind the counter, who has access to the "behind-the-counter-alcohol", I said, "...yeah, there (pointing) - I want the big O." I'm sure Jen was thinking, "Don't we all..." ;)

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