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I just set up an account with E*Trade (I'm participating in a stock purchase plan with my parent company). Sooo... when do I get rich? I hear they have the "internet" on computers now.

I found some old CollegeClub marketing materials from about 2 years ago (internet years = dog years) and they all said, "check us out on the World Wide Web - http://www.CollegeClub.com" Now you don't even mention "www" and adding "http://" is just silly. Technology moves faster than a humming bird on meth... or something else very fast.

Speaking of fast... remember when CD's were new? Someday I'll give in and get a DVD player... I guess I shouldn't have spent all my money on laser disks and betamax movies. Thanks goodness the mini-discman I carry in my fanny pack is still cool.


This weekend I went to Soulstice, which was a great Burning Man-esque celebration in the desert. Beautiful site, beautiful people and beautiful attitudes. It felt good to be around so many smiles. Here, Jen and I enjoy the last few seconds of daylight as folks climb the wonderful hills behind us.

More pics from Soulstice - from Halcyon


My good friend Justin created a site! He was my roommate in college and an amazing guy. It's rare to see someone so willing to shed parts of his former self in pursuit of a more pure version of who he knows he can be. I love the way he described me... as his, "peaceful partner in crime and soul brother."


I don't "get" Carrot Cake.

Why not other root cakes? Turnip Cake? Ginger Cake? Beet Cake?

I don't *do* root cake. But I do love their beer.


Back from North Carolina... I had a great time meeting Jen's family. The "pull my finger" routine is always a great ice-breaker when meeting the parents.

Too confused to think... in the past 3 weeks I've spent 47 hours on an airplane. That's a full work week above the ground. If each hour in flight was represented by a roll of Saran Wrap - that would be 47 rolls of wrap. What would you do with so much Saran Wrap? I know, I know, woe is me, poor guy had to go on two vacations. Still, that's a lot of Saran Wrap.

On my flight out to Australia, I watched the movie 'Castaway'. Also known as "the ideal movie to watch on an airplane". It's got a plane crash, death of friends, lonliness, and reuniting. When the movie ends, I'm pretty emotional... and I'm 3 hours into a 14 hour flight to Australia away from my loved ones. And I'm doing nothing but flying over a gigantic stretch of ocean. Like watching "The Blair Witch Project" before you go camping... or "Ernest Goes to Camp" before you go witch hunting.

Was I just talking about Saran Wrap?


Back from Australia... I had a great time. Amazing landscapes, interesting people, new foods - what a treat it was. I'll add photos and stories later - I'm swamped as I try to get adjusted and prepare to leave on Saturday for a family vacation to North Carolina with Jen. Times flies when you're a cross-time zone hipster.

Quick breakdown of foods eaten: Emu, Camel, Kangaroo, Baramundi Fish (native to Australia), Crocodile, honey ants, and a live, squirming and seemingly gigantic grub.

Highlights: Sunrise hot-air balloon ride, helicopter ride near Ayer's Rock, hike around Ayer's Rock, sunset camel ride, sunset horseback ride, sunrise at Ayer's Rock (see a theme?) and some amazing hikes in King's Canyon and Palm Valley.

What a great trip... I can barely notice the 17 hour time differenzzzz zzzz...

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