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YEAH, it works... It's ALIVE! Ha Ha Ha! Sorry, my cockybastard of a brother, Halcyon, is the more technologically inclined one in the family (except my great-uncle who told me he invented the "Lite Brite" ... hmm, he also told me he invented a time machine and could go back in time and convince my parents to name me 'Gaylord'. So maybe he's not to be trusted.)

Ahhh - I took Friday off and spent the day with my girlfriend in Joshua Tree. It was ideal. I could feel my shoulders drop within minutes of being there. It's like being 1/2 inch tall in a huge sandbox. It's humbling and inspiring and wonderful. We hiked around, took some naked pictures, ate avocado and tomato sandwiches and enjoyed the scene. It was a beautiful and reflective way to (almost) end the year.


This is a test... If this were a real post I would be writing about what a wonderful day I had at Joshua Tree National Park and how amazing and serene that place is.


Xmas 2K CaptainKaya.com is born.

Halcyon wrapped the little guy in blogger swaddling cloths and gave him to Kaya as a gift. Plus some Frankensence.

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