happy birthday to me!
happy birthsay to meeeeee!

More Wonderful Birthday Messages!

  • no prostitute calls him her john
    though he fancies himself a don juan
    while searching for venus
    he plays with his penis
    and spends his free time on the lawn.


  • Happy Birthday tooo yooooo....you are keen and it's your birthday and that is keen too (and I have nothing clever to say)

  • God damn your so sexy, have a big chunky b'day root for me, i wish it was with me but to my demise I am "Down Under", but I'd love to be down on you baby, here's sending you a big Aussie B'day Kiss xxxx, thanks for making me smile everyday...Judith

  • Happy belated birthday you slobby testosterone driven perv. May we live forever in the memory of prudes!

  • John had a monkey, that he loved a lot,
    But on its head, was a great big dot.
    John liked this not, so his head he did rub,
    His stiff little monkey, in the bath tub.
    But his monkey got sick, from all the soap stuff,
    And all over John's chest he did throw up.
    So there John stood, covered in goo,
    Cause rubbing his monkey, is what John likes to do.

    Happy Birthday.... freak.
    Sincerely, Ronald

  • Aloha and Happy Birthday Baby!!! Hope you got what you wanted for this great day (if not, give me a call...) ;D an2net

  • Happy B-Day from The Beaver Cult

  • Yay, JOHN! My non-rhyming wish now is this:
    That some young honey will give you a kiss
    If she won't that restraint
    Probably come in her brain
    From knowing that the details are sure to be published the world over
    ...happy Birthday! - Love, Paul

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