notes from the field

No. 5 - got milk?

I am on a Russian ship about a third of the way across Drake's Passage -- that rather notorious body of water separating the tip of South America from its comrade the Antarctic Peninsula 500 miles to the south. This morning one of my comrades, an oceanographer, decided to conduct an interesting experiment.

On the breakfast table was a Turkish carton of milk purchased in Istanbul during the ship's journey from the Black Sea to our rendezvous port on the Strait of Magellan. While there the ship purchased more provisions and at the other end of the table was a carton of milk from Chile. Needless to say it's very unlikely that the two cows would ever meet, but what would happen when their milk met in his cereal bowl? We all hovered about him waiting anxiously to see east meet west, Moslem meet Catholic, northern hemisphere meet southern hemisphere. Would the combined milk Kurd? Would the swirls go clockwise or counter? This was we thought a momentous occasion; an event that perhaps had never occurred before.

But when all was said and done it just looked like an ordinary bowl of cereal drowning in homogenous milk.


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