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Explaining our wacky "Letters to Santa" Family Holiday Tradition

"The Christmas Toe" by Halcyon

"The Christmas Compromise" (Shonda wants a Tree)

During HugNation, Grandpa explains the gifts he gives to his grandkids

'06 GIFT:


Dear Santa!

Thanks so much for all your hard work!
But as we all know, with hard work, comes a manly odor.

Not only do you have the undeniable stench of an overweight man in too much clothing, but you've also got to deal with the smell from a night's worth of reindeer debris, chimney soot, and the occasional kiss from someone else's mommy.

Not to worry! We got your back, Santaman! Just spray a bit of this stuff on your way home and Mrs. Claus will love you for it.


'04 GIFT:
Anal Probes

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'01 GIFT:
Bondage Book and Law Book

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'00 GIFT:
Self Esteem Books

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