Katy and John invite you to a
Holiday Gathering
@ casa de styn (John and Jim's parents)

5566 Bloch St. SD 92122
Friday the 13th


BONUS: 5 Things You Didn't Know About St. Nick by John

  • Bring a something for the re-gift exchange. Give something you no longer love a new home.
  • Bring a swimsuit (or not). Jacuzzi will be hot.
  • There are extra beds and sleeping bags if you want to go crazy with the eggnog (or any Nog, for that matter)
  • We're hoping for a round of the Squiggle game.
  • The party is *at* the styn parent house, but they will not be there.
  • (So, yes, Deron, you can stick your dick in the mashed potatoes.)