I don't mean to sound cocky...but my outfit was slammin'.
I went to the event with the intent of being a mental tagger. I wanted my image to be etched into everyone's mind.

The minute I stepped out of the cab, people started starring.
The fox newscrew rushed over to me, put a camera in my face and said, "Can we talk to you?"
When I agreed, they asked, "Who ARE you?"

Note to self: If lots of camera crews are present, dress like a lunatic.

From the sfgate:
Webby winner Cocky Bastard (aka Halcyon Styn) had some help completing his eye-catching costume. "My grandma made the bag," he crowed, holding out his oversized fur shoulder bag.

"It's my faux Muppet look. She actually made me fur pants to match but I didn't want to be over the top."
from the LA Times:
"John Halcyon Styn, whose cockybastard.com won for best personal Web site, was over the top in a white shag-fur maxi coat and matching fuzzy slippers. Ponytails extended horizontally from his head. The look was "a combination of thrift store and stuff from my grandmother. She made this bag," he said, pointing to his plush white purse.

Styn said his winning site, which includes quirky artwork, journal entries and beefcake shots of him in his San Diego apartment, grew out of a zine. He described it as "a personal site that got way outta control. Everyone should have one. It's a natural form of personal expression."

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