Vibe Me, Baby II (cont.)

Here are some of my favorite complimentary and oddball pages:

Most Flattering Compliments:


you look a lot better now than when you did on STUDS. but if you're hair's still long, you are still pretty dumb

They say the difference between a straight man and a bisexual is a six-pack. I have a twelve-pack of great beer. Wanna put the theory to test, stud?

You are a stud in a burrito

Is there a mirror in your pants? Cause I can sho' see myself in them! Mmm!

Are you wearing Space Pants? Cause your ass is out of this world.


Those abs look a bit too good to be real. What's your secret? Adobe Photoshop?


..and the Stephanie saga:

Hey,Are you as cute as the picture shows???? you are the funniest guy i have ever read.....lets have cyber sex..........Stephanie

Hey,and its alright if you have a small penis because this is my theory!!! Its probably not that you have a small penis, maybe the woman you have been with just have big holes!!!!!! You are so CUTE!!!!!! Stephanie

Hey,silly boy, you didnt respond to my page from last week?????? how cum? Stephanie

Stephanie?…Wherever you are...next time leave an e-mail address, 'kay? I'm so very lonely.



Favorite Oddball Pages

yall'r funnier than a doped up fainting goat on a tractor tire.

vainglorious oatmeal!!!

They need to put tapeworm eggs in Slimfast. That would keep off the weight.

Pay no attention to the panda in the fridge

have vagina. make poopy.

dont pet a burning dog

Nick nock fat chock my old man's a mushroom etc.

It hasnt been confirmed, but I am sure that there is some connection between the antichrist and those poorly made, mass produced indian movies. or perhaps it is the opposite, and is a christian ploy to make the hindus look ignorant in the ways of proper film making, thus causing less people to convert, which leaves more souls along with their pocketbooks to be plucked by the benny hins of this world. coincidence? I think not.


And, finally, a reader submitted song:


"Michael Bolton's Hair"

(To the tune of 'Bette Davis Eyes')

His eyes are kind of blue

Though it's so hard to tell

I've only seen his pics

Inside a virtual hell

His face is finely made

Like you can see his skull

But in a better way

Than that Willem Dafoe

He'll amuse you

He'll abuse you

He'll try hard to confuse you

He's bodacious

And I hear his favorite foods are all crustaceous

I see

Curly locks cascading there

He's got

Michael Bolton's hair

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