Supermarket SMUT

I get a forest worth of advertisements in my mailbox every day. Usually they go straight into the recycling bin. I don't even look at 'em. But yesterday a supermarket ad caught my eye.
actual ad

You may not be able to see it in the tiny photo, but the ad is downright pornographic. It seems the produce people have figured out my weak spot and learned that, regardless of the product, "Sex Sells."

Of course, maybe I'm reading too much into the ad. It could just be me. Am I a perve? Don't answer that yet, first check out the advertisement, itself.

The enlargement on the next page is untouched, except for the text. I changed the words to match what I think the filthy pictures are trying to tell us subliminally.

If you're under 18, maybe you should skip itů.produce porn is pretty damaging for a young mind.

Click the original ad to see the Supermarket Smut.
actual ad

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