Its Superbowl time!!!

That's about as exciting to me as The Leeza Show. But living in San Diego, you can't help but be affected by it. It's like a virus. And it's gone airborne. Foam cheese-wedge hats pimple the San Diego landscape like a pre-prom acne breakout.

sign of the apocalypse I actually find those cheesehead hats extremely helpful. They serve as mental lighthouses…like the bright orange clothes prisoners have to wear - Without getting too close, you know that person is dangerous.

I'm also having a tough time with this 3:18 kickoff time. Why? Why 3:18?
Is it a reference to some biblical verse?
Is it some new stoner code (ala "420"?)
Maybe its coordinates for a alien landing?
Maybe the Superbowl originated on another planet entirely…so when they converted the kickoff time to the Earth clock, the closest translation was "3:18pm"?

I'm beginning to place more weight on this alien/Superbowl connection. That's why the T.V commercials are so expensive -- it's an intergalactic audience. The only other television programming with cross-solar system appeal is the Jerry Springer Show.

But on the web, Earthlings and cheeseheads alike all love Prehensile Tales.
Dear god....
Alien, cheesehead, or both?

Prehensile Tales thinks a 2-point conversion is cheating.

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