go,Hedgehog, GO!


I went to the Led Zepplin (Page and Plant) concert last month and guess who Fate steered into my course?
Yes the fat ugly porno star, himself. Only days after I wrote a Prehensile Tales article ridiculing him, I ran into the worlds most well- endowed hedgehog, IN THE FLESH! I tapped him on the shoulder and said, "You're a stud!" Then I introduced myself and shook his hand. My ex-girlfriend gave him a hug. (Later we hosed her down and disinfected her.)

I should have asked if I could touch his penis. Not in a gay way or anything, just as a sort of homage ...like rubbing the Buddha's belly or kissing the Godfather's ring.

Speaking of cumming... what is the correct spelling of "come" in the ejaculatory sense? Is it "cum" or "come" or maybe even, "kom." Is the term derived from the common verb "to come" (as in "come here, Martha") or is it something totally different, perhaps Sanskrit in nature? I find that every time I write the word (Yes, I write the word quite often) I find myself unsatisfied with the result...no matter how I spell it. Its like that feeling 10-12 seconds after completing a masturbation session, when you settle back to reality, and you lose touch with the fantasy and realize that, no, you were not having sex with flight attendant triplets...That vague, dissatisfied feeling...
So you can see my urgency to learn the correct slang spelling of "orgasm."

Prehensile Tales eliminates that "not-so-fresh" feeling

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