Road Trip

Last month, I went with some friends on a 23 hour road trip to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and back. That's a rock-solid portion of your weekend spent behind the wheel. Along with caffeine's effect on the body, there's much to be learned on a 1 day road trip. For example...

The vending machines in truck stop bathrooms betray the traditional trucker's macho image. Deep down they are deathly insecure about their sexual inadequacies. One bathroom had machines for both ribbed condoms ("...for her pleasure") and numbing cream ("...to prolong performance"). You've been on the road a long time if you need a condom and numbing cream to decrease sensitivity. I don't know about you, but I prefer my truckers to be of the "Wham, bam, thank you Ma'm" variety.

Friends you make at 2am in Las Vegas probably won't call on your birthday. And you probably won't invite them to your wedding...unless, of course, you're getting married at 3am.

After 3 hours in Vegas we packed in the car and drove all night to the Grand Canyon. The first thing most people say upon seeing the Grand Canyon is usually, "Wow!", "How beautifull!" or "It's so big!" But after driving all night, the first observation tends to be, "Christ, its cold and windy!"

Despite the fact that everybody says, "The canyon is so amazing...pictures just don't do it justice," every tourist spends most of their time taking pictures. Its like we're overwhelmed. So we blindly take pictures so we can process the event later.

Brushing your teeth on a 23 hour car ride only makes you notice other people's breath.

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