TheRealHouse Manifesto

This is our life.


We have chosen to live publicly because we believe in the power of positivity. We believe we live good, positive lives.

There are 7 of us who live in the house. And a supporting cast of 20 or so amazing people.


We are full of love.

We love each other. We love life.

We love you.

We hug each other when we greet. We massage.  We hang out and drink wine naked.  Why the hell not?  The coolest thing about love is you can give it out and give it out…but your well never runs dry.


We foster creativity. 

In our house, if you start banging out a beat on a trash can lid, nobody is going to raise an eyebrow at you.

Instead, someone will probably pick up a pot or pan and start adding to the song.

It’s amazing what kind of energy is released when you let it out.  When you don’t self-censor or shrink from fear of judgment.

We believe that we’ve created an environment like that.


We want to share.

This is not an exclusive vibe.  It’s a part of every one of us.  Just in case you don’t have a place like this where you can be free to be yourself, we want to invite you to be a virtual part of ours.

Consider this your official invitation to the vibe.

Now, make yourself at home!

If you have a cam, you can participate more fully.  Our vision is so have YOUR streaming cam popped up next to other people’s streaming cams from all over the world.  We want to see you while you see us.

We want to raise a glass to the camera and see you toast back.  We want to throw a costume party and have you throw one in front of YOUR cam.  Even if it’s just you in your apartment.  You are a “remote participant” in any and all House activities.

And, hopefully, we will be remote participants in yours.

Of course, if you just want to watch and soak it all in, that’s okay too.  We’re not gonna push you in the pool. But I assure you, the water’s fine.

So, when you’re up to it, we’d love to get to know you.  Shoot one of us an email, or post to our guestbooks. 



Remember, this is our life.

Sometimes it’s pretty dull. This is life after all. It’s not always exciting. This isn’t an Indian Jones Movie.

Sometimes we’re away at work. Or sleeping. Or visiting friends. Or at the beach. Sometimes were surfing the net, zombie-faced in front of the computer… totally oblivious to the chatrooms and cameras.

Those things can be pretty dull. Sorry.  We’re not actors and this ain’t a show. Life is full of stuff that would be edited out of a highlight tape.

So don’t expect us to ”perform” 24-7. 

This is not an invitation to a show. It’s an invite to a lifestyle. 

Won’t you join us?

The journals, photos, guestbooks and a portion of the archived videos are open to all.  The live streaming cams however are a part of ClubCX and require a $15 cover charge.*

You may Join now, if you wish.

  *(We’d love to make it all free, but servers and bandwidth cost cash.  If you happen to know any deep-pocketed investment-type people, we’d love you to introduce us! Maybe there is a modern day Medici family out there that will serve as patron of the arts to this digital adventure!)

Before you become a full member of the vibe, you need to know the ground rules:

No negativity.
No shame.
No judgment.

If you don’t approve of something, then choose not to watch or participate.  It’s that simple. 

But if a person passes judgment or poisons the air with negativity, their membership will be revoked.  No hard feelings. Maybe they’ll be ready later.

But if you’ve got a smile in your heart, we’d love you to join us.

We’ll greet you with a ((hug)) and a :)