TheRealHouse Erotic Masquerade

I was putting on my makeup at 8:30 when the first guests arrived.

I had told everyone the party started at 10:00.

The early folks weren’t in costume, either.


It was Halloween weekend and the theme of the party was “Erotic masquerade.”

I even had a sign on the door that said:


Note: This is an invite-only Halloween Party.

So, if you don’t have a costume,


We’ll be here when you get back.

OR, strip to your undies and come on in.

I’m quite serious.

Happy Halloween!

By the time I finished applying my Mascara and joined the party, there were 12 people not in costume, sitting around and drinking beers.

I started to panic.  My first party in the house was turning into a disaster. 

 So I finally said to the housemate that invited these people, “Do you want to tell them they need to leave, or do you want me to do it?”

I walked into the living room and announced, “I’m sorry there was some sort of miscommunication.  The theme of this party is “Erotic Masquerade.”  So you can either go grab a costume and come back, or strip down to your underwear and join the party.”

They all left. 

Which means I did the right thing, I guess.   Because stripping to your underwear shouldn’t be a big deal to anyone who would come to a party at TheRealHouse.

I was shaking all over.  I’m not good at conflict. But I was also proud that I was able to be assertive.  “Protect the Vibe…BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.”

My friends started showing up at 10 and things were going beautifully.

At 10:30, I left to participate in a “Sex Parade.”

In retrospect, it probably was a bad idea to leave my own party.  But it was a pretty cool diversion.

Ginger organized a parade of freaks to dance through Club Montage.  She arranged it through the club promoter.  The women were in bondage gear and the men were in tutus.  There were three penis staffs that people carried. And drums. And whistles.
I carried a staff with a stylized black penis approximately 4 feet tall including the balls.

Did I mention I was wearing full drag makeup? And a blue tutu with a bare chest.
Carrying a penis staff.
Yes, I was vision of machismo.
In any case, the parade was a blast. We kidnapped our friend DJ Valerie from behind the turntables and then returned to the party.

Many more people had arrived by the time we returned.  A handful of those probably shouldn’t have been there.  MissM pulled me into a room (private from the party, but still on cam) and explained that there were a few people so drunk they *had* stripped to their underwear, but weren’t really adding to the vibe of the party at all.

I spent 40 minutes or so doing party weeding. Asking people to leave.  Cultivating the vibe.

At one point there was a scuffle in front of our house. I was embarrassed. I don’t think I’ve ever hosted a party where there was a fight.

I learned a lot that night.  There were a few rocks that needed to be removed from the garden. But I think the soil is now plowed and the seeds are sown. 

By 2:00 the vibe was sexy and simmering over a low heat.  The groove was seasoned to taste.

People were dancing naked or in sexy costumes.  Others were on the chat computers. People were having fun.  My fears were gone. 

It was already a rocking party when the living room sex acts started at 4am.

The revelers who stayed up for the after hours party (both in the room and online) got quite a show.

I retreated to my room and typed up a House Manifesto until the sun rose.

This is the start of something big.  See you around the House!