Porn-O-Rama Update:

So remember last week's Tale was about raising money to buy sex toys, right?

Well, so far we've raised 58 dollars through PayPay donations.

That's enough for a pretty high-grade penis pump. And almost enough for a realistically molded silicone ass!

But wait…it gets more interesting..

Last week I was contacted by the wonderful folks at ShopHustler.com.

And I am EXTREMELY proud to say that prehensile.com's Porn-O-Rama project is now sponsored by ShopHustler.com. They will be donating the "potential love interests."

We'll all vote on which ones I review, then ALL funds collected will go to charity!!! (charity to be determined)

All we need to do is vote on which product to test first. (They even want it to be a monthly event.) Yee-Ha!

at the bottom of this page you can vote between

1)     2)     3)




The winner will be my date to Burning Man.

After which, if I like her equal to or more than Darva, we'll consummate out union and a review will follow.

Maybe it will even be a public event. Would I dare burn "Debbie" afterwards?!?!

Some people are asking me, "Why on earth would you do have sex with a piece of rubber?"

What if it's amazing?! What if the "Debbie" molded ass is the best lay of my life?

Will I never know, for fear of embarrassment?!

NO! No longer will I let my cowardice deny me my sexual fulfillment!!!


Prehensile Porn-O-Rama
Which product should I "try out" first?

Suggested donation: 25 cents per vote

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Current Results

Prehensile Tales is rooting for the vibrating ass

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