Here's the deal. As much as I claim to be a free sexual spirit, I think I'm a fraud.

I was browsing through my recent Adam & Eve "adult products" catalog and realized that there are quite a few items I'd be embarassed to order.

Yup, "Mr. Naked" himself would actually feel shame in buying certain types of sexual aids.

For example, I've always wondered what those penis pumps feel like.
Maybe I'd like it? Maybe it's my bag, baby.

But I've always felt too embarassed to order one. It's one thing to have to pay for sex...but having to pay to masturbate!?!?!

Maybe it's not necessarily that I'm ashamed to *use* them?
Maybe it's the "paying for it" stigma (like prostitution has) that makes me embarassed?

"I just fucked a fake vagina" seems less pathetic than, "I just bought a new fake vagina."
Perhaps it's a subtle difference, but it's significant none-the-less.

In the spirit of overcoming my shame issues, let's do an experiment in collective pornography consumption.

  • Step 1) Collect Porn-O-Rama pledges via PayPal
  • Step 2) We all vote on what product to purchase.
  • Step 3) Wine, candlelight, and some time alone with the chosen item.
  • Step 4) I'll write up a "review of it.
  • Step 5) Any excess cash will be donated to charity.

    Ta-da! I overcome my shame! (At least in theory. We'll see If I start bringing a sillicone pocket vagina out in public.)

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