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One of my favorite websites has addressed one of my favorite issues. The latest Fray story ends with, ""Where have you been naked?" Why, all over the web, of course. But it started long before that. This week's tale is an expanded response to the question: Ah, sweet nakedness… I started out naked.

I was naked at Burning Man.

I climbed a pillar in Turkey naked for a photo op. The scene screamed for a naked body to complete it.

I bungee jumped naked off a bridge in Costa Rica. They cleared the bridge of all who might be offended, "El LOCO AMERICANA…(something, something)…SIN ROPA!!!!"
Yes, my goodies went all jingle-jangle. No, It didn't do any permanent damage.

I'm naked on the current splash pages of both my of websites.

And sometimes I'm naked just for fun.

I like being naked. +Burning Man + Joshua tree http://www.prehensile.com/tales/meatloom/thankyou.htm +fireburn animation just playing around: http://www.cockybastard.com/slideshow2/picture4.htm naked hats/colored. Work in progress?

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