Hitting the Head on the Nail

my what big claws you have...

I think there is no stranger pursuit than that of attaining the "longest fingernails in the world." I remember seeing two women on "That's Incredible" (with that adorable Fran Tarkenton). They had the nails on one hand so long that the adjoined limb was rendered unusable. It looked like knarled tree branches were growing out of each digit.

That seems like a pretty poor "cost to reward" ratio.

I wondered what must go on in these women's heads? Can you imagine being in second place? "Damn! If my pinky nail was just a smidge longer! Why won't you grow you worthless piece of cartilidge!!!" Its not like you could just try harder, or train more. I guess you could adjust your diet to make nail growth more agreeable or maybe soak your hand in Palmolive dishwashing suds. I wonder if the nail-growers share growing tips or do they hide trade secrets from each other? I remember one used polish on her nails while the other did not. What other nail care theories do they disagree on?

What a weird existence, the few in the world who can identify with your passion --to intentionally make yourself a cripple in a pursuit of quasi fame-- are also your fiercest competitors. What a wacky rivalry.


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