Its done. And we won.

I can't thank you enough. Pick your favorite cliché…I prefer "one pebble barely makes a ripple but many makes a splash."

Well, our splash made a big enough wet spot to make Corporate America take notice.

FotL had no problem bullying around little ol' me. But when you all rallied behind the cause, the wedgier quickly became the wedgied.
If I haven't yet had a chance to return your e-mail, forgive me and know that I am truly, truly appreciative. This has been a crazy couple of weeks and there is NO WAY I could have done this alone.

Wave my flag 14K
Freedom of Speech
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Halcyon Styn

If you're not up to date with the Looming Situation, here's what happened: (the press release is located here)

March 2: Fruit of the Loom issues me a Cease and Desist for the Meat of The Loom Tale.

Banner by Lance

I send 2 e-mails asking what I am doing unlawful.


They reply to both with a "Just take it down and there won't be any trouble. You can't afford to fight us…we're corporate America." (I'm paraphrasing)


I get a lawyer, file a suit against them, and ask all of you for help.


The support is incredible. "Rotten Fruit" banners are all over the web. Stories about our fight run on wired on-line and the Netly news.

March 17: Fruit of the Loom give up. We win. Let Freedom reign.

-Thanks to your help, you can score one for the little guy.

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PT has a big hug for everyone who gave support. But would like to give an extra special thanks to these sites for contributing banners and popups for the cause. Please visit these extraordinary sites:

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