Maui was awesome. I didn't do nearly as much stuff as i *should* have. My tourist "things-to-do" list didn't get many items checked off it. And that's fine with me. I snorkeled. I hiked. I lounged by the pool and had a couple of hour massages. Ahhhhhhhh.

One of the peaks of the trip was hanging out in an old Buddhist cemetery taking pictures. This week's tale is a collection of my photos and reflections.

A few more things:
  • I saw "American Beauty" 6 hours after writing this. Go see that movie.
  • I know this isn't a very funny Tale. If you want laughs this week, check me out on www.longhairedmen.com (click on feature of the month)
  • All photos taken with my new Olympus z-2000 digital camera. Sorry for the monster-sized images.

Prehensile Tales can't figure out how to spell 'Maui Wowee.'

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