We went to a soccer game. Not just any game, but A SOCCER GAME FINAL WITH 175,000 PEOPLE!!!! It was crazier than my all capital letters can describe. It was MAD!!! Chanting, bouncing, singing, and flags. Everyone was passionate (huge understatement) about the game. There was one flag of 'our team' that was about 40+ rows long and 30+ rows wide; the largest piece of fabric I've ever seen (ůmust.. fight... urge...to make... jock strap...joke.... *whew*).

We won 1-0 and the crowd went freaking crazy. Unlike anything I've ever seen (including my fanatic high school friend, 'Padre Pat' painting his face and body for the Padre playoff games). On the bus ride home, guys cheered, banged on the bus, climbed out windows, and yelled along with the folks spilling out of bars into the street.

I can't imagine what Carnivale is like.

See you soon.
I TOLD you he was my brother

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